Initial In-Home Consultation – Free

Before you make the decision to use our service, we are happy to meet with you in your home to give you a free assessment of how we can best help you. Please don’t feel any pressure to tidy up beforehand – we understand that when someone is planning to move they often have things all about and out of place. That’s not at all uncommon and we see it all the time! As experienced professionals we are very good at looking past that.

After learning more about you and where you are moving, we’ll do a walk through your home to get a better understanding of what needs to be moved. Then we can give you our recommendation on what level of service would best meet your needs, what is optional, and what it will cost.

During this complimentary consultation we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We want you to be comfortable in your decision to use our services, and to feel confident that you’ve made the right decision by chosing the right people and the right company!

There is no charge for this first consultation – its a great way for us to get to know one another, so we can determine how we can best help you, and for you to have peace of mind in knowing that we are genuinely committed to making your move as simple for you as possible and as stress-free as can be. Most of our clients tell us that by the end of their free consultation they feel almost like we are trusted friends – they recognize the sincere interest we take in them, and they know they’ve found the right people! We hope you, similarly, will recognize that we are caring, compassionate, very friendly – yet at the same time, very proficient at what we do, and always professional.

Standard Managed Move Package:

Our Standard Move Management Package is a good starting point for what most seniors need, then additional services can be added to tailor a customized solution specifically for you, according to your personalized needs. This package includes the actual moving contractors and physical transport of your furniture and belongings from your current residence to your new residence. Here is everything we include for you in our Standard Package:

– Rapid move responsiveness for moves that need to be planned, coordinated, and executed on short notice or timelines
– Assessment of the amount of space available for furniture and other belongings at the new residence
– Assessment of what is presently in the current home to be moved to the new residence, and what will not be going to the new location.
– Planning, preparation and guidance on what should be moved to the new residence with consideration to space limitations, and which items will need to have other arrangements, such as being gifted to others, put in storage, donated, sold, or otherwise dispersed.
– Coordination, management, logistics management, communication, and supervision of moving company.
– Coordination, logistics management, and communication with the new residence (if moving in to an apartment, condo, seniors residence, assisted living complex, or other facility where coordination with the destination is required).
– Development of plan for ideal furniture configuration optimized for the floor plan of the new residence
– Packing of all items that will be moved to the new residence
– Same Day Unpacking: Fully unpacking all items at the new residence
– Same Day Furniture Set Up: All furniture set up and fully arranged at the new residence
– Same Day Organization: Complete set up and organization of all belongings at the new residence: putting all items in their proper places in cabinets, cupboards, closets, drawers, refridgerator, etc. Folding and hanging clothing, hanging shower curtain, setting up toiletries on bathroom vanity, setting up necessary items on nightstand, making the bed so its all comfy and cozy for a good night’s sleep at the end of moving day.
– Same Day Decorating: Decorating the new residence; hanging artwork on the walls, setting up lamps, arranging decorative items and placing other appropriate items on coffee table, end tables, counter tops, etc.
– Ensuring client is comfortable and has everything they need for their first night in their new home before we leave.
– Updating family, if required, when move is fully completed and client is now settled in to their fully made-up new home.

Optional Add-On Services

– Cancelling or transferring utility services as required and arranging for mail forwarding
– Development of a detailed and specific plan for what will happen to all items that will not be moved to the new residence
– Clearing out the previous residence after move-out; this entails transport of items remaining in the home for donation, removal of trash, etc.
– Move-out cleaning
– Preparing home for sale
– We also take customized requests to assist you with any other needs you may have