While many seniors hire us directly and work with us entirely on their own, other times its a senior’s family or caregivers who reach out to us for help and engage our services.

Your loved one may need varying levels of help in making their move, and you may simply not have the time, energy or expertise required to take on all of the work and responsibility of managing a senior’s move.

Sometimes distance is an issue – you may be geographically located somewhere other than where your loved one is living. You need someone with the right expertise whom you can trust to oversee your loved one’s move and ensure it goes smoothly, while offering a caring, reassuring and supportive presence for them throughout this transition.

Regardless of the specific details of your scenario, managing a move for someone else (or for yourself, for that matter) is a huge amount of work and can be overwhelming for anyone, even in the best of circumstances. Often seniors have lived in their present home for numerous decades and have a home filled with a lifetime’s worth of things that need to be dealt with. This can be like a full time job in itself. There is often psychology and emotion at play, and that in itself can be draining for both you and your loved one; we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to assist with those aspects as well. The entire process of coordinating, directing and managing the move of a senior you care about can lead to exhaustion and burnout, and there is no shame in admitting that it would be too much of a burden. Moving is WORK. Moving someone other than yourself is even HARDER work. Its a relief to know there is professional help, and often its the only realistic way to get through this process within the required timeline, and with your physical, emotional, and mental well being intact.

Trying to do this on your own, even if you have the help of other family members, can often be the cause of enormous stress and anxiety. And if things start going wrong during the process, as they often do, the stress heightens. There may also be a myriad of other emotional issues involved when it becomes necessary to move a senior you care about. Trying to deal with all of these issues AND successfully coordinate and manage a major move like this is often more than a lot of people can contend with.

Ideally, your focus should be on your loved one at this time of change in their life, not their “stuff” – and that’s what a move largely comes down to, “stuff”. Spending quality time with your loved one, and/ or tending to other needs they have apart from moving is probably more where your focus should be, free of the many distractions involved with planning, coordinating, overseeing and executing a major move like this. Often, the additional stress that managing a senior’s move entails ultimately has other undesired effects on you, the senior you care about, and/or it may have negative impacts on the relationship. Its okay to accept help and outsource the bulk of the work to a professional Seniors Move Manager who can streamline so much of the process, handle many (if not all) of the details and hard work, and take the burden off of you.

Make no mistake, managing a move for a senior is an enormous amount of work and responsibility. You have a life of your own, so finding the necessary time, resources and attention is often simply not feasible. Oftentimes you simply don’t have the physical, mental and/or emotional energy required to take on a major project like this. The best course of action is to enlist the help of a company that specializes in Seniors Move Management Services.

A seniors move management specialist is a professional who assists older adults when they relocate. You can hire a senior move management service to handle as much or as little of the planning, preparation and process as you and your parents would like. Some families prefer their move manager to take care everything, while others may just need them for specific activities. We’re here to provide whatever level of assistance you require.

The main benefit of enlisting a Seniors Move Management Specialist is their expertise and hands-on assistance. They have extensive experience with move management and specialized knowledge of senior moves . This means they’ll have information, guidance, resources and expertise on every component of successfully getting your loved one packed and moved out of their current home and fully moved into their new residence, without you ever having to lift a finger. You and your senior can have complete peace of mind. Additional assistance is available for quickly and efficiently clearing out the home they’ve moved from, including appropriately moving out and disbursing items remaining in the home, cleaning, and preparing the property for sale if applicable. As a result, using a seniors move management service save you time, hard work, stress and worry, money, and resources.

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