We are a family owned business serving Winnipeg and the surrounding area led by a husband and wife team that has been professionally managing moves in another division of our business since 2017. We know the importance of making sure your belongings are handled with “white glove treatment”, and we know all too well that this doesn’t always happen during a move without proper oversight and direction. We bring years of experience in specifying, identifying, directing and overseeing the proper procedures and protocols necessary to ensure your move goes smoothly, beginning with the early planning stages right through until the last item is unpacked and put into place. Very importantly, we ensure that your possessions are treated with the care and special handling they deserve. Our years of experience and expertise in move management make us acutely aware of what is really involved in ensuring a truly successful and stress-free move. We make it our mission to provide you with peace of mind throughout the entire moving process.

We made the decision to expand into the area of seniors move management out of a genuine love for, and commitment to, being of assistance and service to seniors. Within our own family we’ve been very involved in caring for, supporting, and assisting some very special seniors since 2004, right through to 2023. These very personal experiences have given us considerable understanding and insight into the issues people face when they are no longer as young as they used to be. We have a deep and genuine respect and admiration for the seniors we are so privledged to serve as our clients, and we treat all of all clients with the same appreciation, care and consideration as the special seniors we’ve been blessed to have had within our own family.

If you’re a senior who needs to move, it would be our genuine pleasure to be of assistance. We’ll make this a moving experience for you!

What’s the Difference Between a Moving Company & Move Management – and Why is It Important?

Having been involved in managing moves on a professional basis for many years, we are particularly aware of the many things that can go wrong in the moving process and the need for good management, coordination, planning and oversight throughout the entire process. We are not a moving company – move management entails a much wider scope than just showing up on moving day with a truck and some muscle.

From deciding what you’re moving and making sure you’re not taking too much (or leaving too much behind…) to coming up with a plan for where the things you won’t be taking will go after the move, as seniors move managers we help guide the decision-making that comes with moving, and in the process we remove a lot of the stress from you (and your family, if they are involved).

We offer a range of services to take the stress out of moving, and you can decide on the level of service that is right for you. We can help you plan, prepare and pack for your move, as well as direct, manage, coordinate and oversee the movers. And then we set up your new residence so that its all ready for you by the end of moving day, looking and feeling just like home so you can settle right in and enjoy a good night’s sleep in your new home with all your things already in their proper places.

By contrast, moving companies are the “muscle” needed to move your possessions from Point A to Point B. We need them, for sure, for the physical part of the move. But there’s whole lot more to a major move than merely the transportation. Without the right handling, direction and oversight, movers simply pack up everything on site without regard to where it should be going, whether it’s even needed, if there is room for it, or if it is in fact trash. They often don’t consider or implement the special handling requirements to ensure your items arrive safely at their destination, and all too often, without the right oversight, things get damaged when that could easily have been avoided.

At your new home movers will “unpack” your items if you have requested that level of service from them, but to a moving company that typically means simply taking your things out of the moving boxes and placing them on any available surface – and often that includes the floor, making it a challenge, or even a hazard, for you to get around, while leaving a whole lot of work for you to do in putting everything where it should go. Then its up to you to put it all away and set things up. For most people that process can take days, weeks, or even months, whereas, we’ve got the expertise and finely tuned processes to get it all done for you by the end of moving day, so you can enjoy your first night’s sleep in your new home, with everything fully set up, functional, and feeling like home.

So to sum it up, we ensure you move only what you’ll really want, use, need, and have space for; we pack it, and then unpack it; organize it and put it all away; then we style your new home under the direction of our in-house interior designer so it looks and feels warm, inviting, comfy and cozy – all before you lay your head on your pillow (in your fully made bed!) at the end of moving day. In addition to that, if needed, we’ll return back to the home you moved from to take care of the things you weren’t able to take with you, but which still need to be dealt with so they can continue to be used and appreciated by others (donated, re-purposed, given away, etc), or otherwise disposed of – all according to your wishes. You never have to lift a finger.

Big difference between what we do and what a moving company does!

A team of experts on your side.

We are compassionate, caring, helpful, and experienced professionals, and we are fully insured.